List of awards for children's books.

Buying books for children is hard. There are so many books it's hard to know which are any good. This little webpage aims to provide some help. I list winners of the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal (a prize from UK librarians for illustration). I link to some other notable lists of prize winning books - the Carnegie Award, and then some US awards. I'm starting to add websites for book awards from other countries - Australia, Canada, etc. I would happily link to awards from non-English speaking countries, but those are a bit hard to find when I only speak English. If you have any suggestions please do email me. I am also looking for awards that celebrate diversity (especially disability) in childrens books.

Children don't usually buy books. Often books are bought for children by other people. So when you read best sellers lists you find the books that adults like to buy, but not the books that children like to read. Here's a website that discusses this, with some research about the books that children actually like reading. What British Kids Are reading

Don't limit yourself to books that are on these lists! Once you find a book that you like the look of you can find other books by that author, or illustrator, or publisher, to find very many very good books. The shortlists and longlists for each award also contain some great books.

So far I have the Kate Greenaway winners mostly linked to (I do not use affilliate links.) I'll work my way through the other awards and add links for those winners too. Amazon also lets you buy (used and new) from other sellers, and it's useful to have a look at those. Watch out for P&P though. (The seller "Wordery" in the UK is a great supplier. All the books I've got from them have been great condition, as described.) Eventually I'd like to add links to different sellers. Sadly, some of the books are not available in all countires. I don't know a workaround for that.

I don't use affiliate links, and I don't use adverts. (I'm unlikely to ever have ads on this page.) Please let me know how you feel about affilliate links. I'm in the UK, so if I did ever use affiliate links I'd have to clearly label them as affiliate links. And if I did ever use them I'd include a non-affiliate alternative. dan dot bealecocks at googlemail dot com

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