A short explanation of my confusing Christmas gift list

In the past some people have told me they prefer to have a big list and they'll pick things from it, and other people have said they want a bit more direction. I'd be very grateful for any combination of things from my Elfster list, but if you find it confusing I've created three "sets" of things. If you're still stuck, please buy the first jumper on this page, in blue with red dots, in size xxl., and then any nice milk chocolate.

My phone number for delivery is 07729 255280. Because of the Covid shutdown it might be easier to use my proper address instead of "C/O Ruby Key". My address is

Dan Beale-Cocks
Flat 2
47 Winchcombe Street
GL52 2NE

I live in the UK. Please buy from Europe. Buying from outside the EU means I may have to wait until after Christmas to get my gift, and that I may have to pay VAT (at 20%) on any gift that costs more than £39, including P&P.

1) A jumper / sweater

A Norwegian jumper, in blue with red dots or white dots. I probably need XXL (because I have a 122 cm (or 48 inch chest). Here's a list of links. Any of these would be lovely please.

2) Kitchen Equipment.

I am cooking from scratch a lot more, and so a pan and an induction hob would be lovely please. The pan I want is a "carbon steel" or "black iron" pan. This is not a cast iron skillet. It is a thin-walled pan. I'd prefer 20 cm or 25 cm, but 30 cm is fine. (No larger than that though please). These pans are just examples, feel free to get any similar pan from any supplier.

3) IKEA shelves

I only need the planks, I have the uprights. These shelf-planks are £8 each. I need as many of these as you want to buy.

Add ons and extras.

I didn't know what the Secret Santa spend limit was when I made this list, so here's a list of smaller things that can be added to my main gift, if you want to do so. (Of course you don't need to!) This section isn't in any order.

I'd like some good quality, steel, metric only, rulers. Vogel make a really nice left handed ruler which would be amazing. Shinwa also make great rulers. (The site I link to has quite large shipping costs so watch out for those.) I'd also love some good quality Pozidriv screwdrivers. (Bahco or FACOM are very good.) or cheap precision screwdrivers. I'm happy for a mix of brands.

I have started knitting so any pure wool yarn would be lovely please. Any colours are fine, but not black or whites / creams. Aran weight seems good. I'd like loads of this anthracite pure wool please, and a couple of rolls of this red pure wool please.

Fairtrade plain or milk chocolate is always lovely. I prefer either unflavoured, or with nuts.

Winter warmers (the sweets / hard candy that are flavoured with clove, cinnamon, wintergreen, menthol, liquorice, aniseedetc) would be great if you can find a nice mix.

Cetaphil is always lovely. Citaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

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